Monday, December 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/20/15: Giddy Alert, Shrimp for Chicken Salad, Early to Bed

1.Giddy Alert!  Good fortune. My work on the latest Sibling Assignment led me to find the name of a cookbook I'd mysteriously parted ways with and to the discovery of a recipe I've been longing to make but couldn't find -- or reconstruct by memory.  Read all about it, and about two of my sisters' posting from the early days of our blogging together right here.

2. Costco didn't have the chicken salad Molly wanted and I took a risk and bought shrimp salad and it turned out that my risky move worked out splendidly.

3.  Have I been sick since 2009?  I don't remember it, but whatever string of days without illness I've been on, it ended when we got home from the Diazes this evening and I got sick and went to bed, with some aches.

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