Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/22/15: Recipes Are Like Songs, Kellogg Arrives in Greenbelt, In the Grip of *Bosch*

1. I didn't nap once today. I rested, but did not sleep.  I am in full recovery mode. Therefore, no fatigue or fogginess interfered with my delight when my new copy of the disappeared cookbook, American Wholefoods Cuisine arrived at the portal of our apartment home. I quickly looked up some of my favorite recipes and learned, to my great approval, that this is not a new edition, but is the same cookbook first published over thirty years ago. Looking at recipes brought back great memories, as if these recipes were old favorite songs. I am eager to get them back in play again in our tiny kitchen.

2. Mom's box arrived from Kellogg with birthday gifts for me and the Deke, nuts and bolts, the world's best fruitcake (remember? no? read here), ornaments for her great grandchildren, and two books to give away. Now we can have a little Kellogg in our Christmas celebrations.

3. I didn't know anything about it really, but decided to see what Amazon's show, Bosch was like.  I watched two episodes. They riveted me.  I'm committed to watching this intense and deeply disturbing story play out. I loved seeing Oregon Shakespeare Festival alumnus Paul Vincent O'Connor -- I hadn't thought about him in years and great memories of his work in Ashland came back to me. I also loved the strength and intelligence of Mimi Roger's portrayal of Bosch's prosecutor in court. I can hardly wait to see how Titus Welliver continues to build the character of Harry Bosch. It's stellar acting.

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