Sunday, December 27, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/26/15: Off to New Jersey, Great Birthday Gift, Tom's Special Eggplant at Beijing

1. The Deke piled her bag into the Sube, we both piled in, and we motored the short distance down to the AmTrak station at New Carrollton and she leaped on the train and rumbled up to Metro Park, New Jersey to visit her cousin Sally.  On Monday, they will head to Nyack to see Adrienne and Jack.  I stayed home with the dogs.

2.  BUT, the dogs are not at home with me right now.  For my birthday on Sunday, I asked Molly and Hiram if they would take the Corgis Saturday night until some time Monday morning so I could go out on Sunday and do whatever I wanted.  They generously agreed and so I piled the Corgis into the Sube around six o'clock and they will have a different home for a short while.

3. I decided to have a plate of food at Beijing of Greenbelt, our town center's Chinese restaurant and I ordered Tom's Special Eggplant, an ingenious melding of shrimp and eggplant in a special sauce and it was perfect. I almost ordered Grandma Wu's Casserole, another eggplant dish, but decided to save that order for another time.

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