Sunday, December 20, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/19/15: Fresh, Alpha Domina Mellis and Dogs, Quench Surprise and Delight

1.  I'll admit it:  when I was done vacuuming the living room, I paused for a moment and enjoyed the moment.  The carpet looked and smelled fresh and I liked it.

2. Today, D C Brau put their seasonal double IPA on tap:  Alpha Domina Mellis. I'd had this day marked on my mental calendar for a couple of weeks, so I was giddy this morning thinking about motoring down to the old brewery this afternoon to sample this beer and see if it was growler worthy. Oh!  It is growler worthy.  I enjoyed a couple of tasters of it along with tasters of Corruption IPA, On the Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA, and Penn Quarter Porter.  It was a great scene again in the tasting room. It was as if D C Brau had advertised today as Canine Day -- at least five, if not more, people brought their perfectly behaved and securely leashed dogs into the brewery.  Ha! What a sight!

3. I packed up my growler of Alpha Domina Mellis and sixer of Corruption in the Sube and drove to the Diaz house, expecting to find the Deke, but I got the best possible news upon arrival: the Deke and Molly (yes, MOLLY!) were at the tap room at Quench.  These days Molly rarely gets to go out and I could hardly wait to get over there and join them.  So I strolled in, the Deke and Molly gasped with delight to see me, and we enjoyed some samplers together.  I have been to the brewery and tap room of Selkirk Abbey Brewing in Post Falls, ID, and I was stunned and delighted to see that Quench had Selkirk's Infidel IPA on tap. I enjoyed a sampler of it, a couple samplers of Mad Elf, Molly ordered pizza from Ledo's from the bar, she and the Deke picked up the pizza, we all arrived back at the Diazes, and partied deep into the early evening. Fun, fun, fun!

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