Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/07/15: Recipe Reading, Joy of Shopping, Moosewood Caribbean Vegetable Stew

1. Now that I'm back home in Maryland again, I have a kitchen to stock and work in, so I spent time this morning reviewing recipes I've printed and finding and reading others and started to make a list of what I needed to buy today to begin to replenish the pantry and cook what I want to cook this week and beyond.

2. After having my monthly blood draw -- which included a warm conversation with Angela, the best phlebotomist ever, about Thanksgiving and living in the East and living in the West and she told me about when she lived in Davis, CA --, I headed into the Hollywood District of College Park to MOM's Organic Market to buy some produce and few other things, including some house cleaning and house freshening products in my continuing effort to keep our apartment home fresh. It's a challenge since we live in a small space with two dogs. I loved driving up Rhode Island Avenue again and shopping at MOM's.  Then I buzzed over to Costco and had a great time. I not only for being able to stocked up on food products for the kitchen, but, as always, I enjoyed being in the company of so many people from so many places around the world.

3. Back in graduate school, I lived in a tiny basement apartment on W. Broadway with a very small kitchen and I learned how to cook inexpensive meals that were nutritious and delicious, many with the help of a couple of  Moosewood cookbooks. This morning, when I went online in search of recipes, I discovered a trove of Moosewood recipes and, for dinner tonight, I prepared a Moosewood recipe: Caribbean Vegetable Stew.  It was simple.  I sauteed onions, later added chopped cabbage and let them sautee together for a while. I then added minced ginger and a couple of cups of water, brought the mixture to a boil and poured in a couple of cubed sweet potatoes. I boiled the sweet potatoes for a little while, until slightly tender, and then added a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes a bag of frozen okra,and lime juice.  The stew simmered for about 15 minutes and I added cilantro, some salt, and peanuts. The Deke and I agreed to keep this recipe in the blue folder and we both look forward to this meal's return later this winter.

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