Thursday, December 17, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/16/15: Old Vet Stands Up for Beltsville P. O., Aaron Rodgers' Roots, Ninkasi in Beltsville

1. I was standing in line at the Beltsville Post Office. Customers who have moved to the USA from all over the world come to this post office and sometimes their business is slow and complicated once they reach the counter to be served because they are sending parcels out of the country. While we were waiting for about three different customers to get particularly thorny mailing situations worked out and, as the line grew, an American Legion/VFW guy, maybe in his eighties, standing two people behind me, remarked to the woman in front of him, without sarcasm, in a moment of genuine gratitude, how much he appreciated the Beltsville post office and how personable, friendly, and helpful the staff are.  I smiled. I'd been thinking the same thing. Slammed by difficult transactions, knowing that a long line of foot-tapping customers was forming in full view of their work, these postal employees were calm, patient, accommodating, and positive and I was happy to hear this older military vet go against every stereotype of curmudgeonly grouchiness and impatience, and seize this moment to praise these employees' work.

2. Another reason I like going to the Beltsville Post Office is that it's close to the Beltsville Panera and I enjoy Panera's pastries and their dark roast coffee -- and, not only that, this Panera shop always has copies of the Washington Post out for customers to read.  So I bought a Cinnamon Crunch scone and a coffee and turned to the sports page and read a very good story about how Aaron Rodgers' football career started at Butte College, a two year community college in Oroville, CA, a most unlikely way for his Super Bowl winning, MVP earning, likely Hall of Fame career to get underway. For the time being, you can find the story here.

3.  After we had a couple of beers at the Old Line Bistro, the Deke and I came home, enjoyed the curry I made over rice, and then we split a bomber of Ninkasi's Tricerahops Double IPA.  Ninkasi's Total Domination IPA, Oatis Oatmeal Stout, and Dawn of the Red Ale have made their way to Beltsville.  I knew the day was coming when Ninkasi beers would be distributed in Maryland and Washington, DC -- and, lo and behold, that promised day has now arrived.  Not bad.

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