Sunday, December 6, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 12/04/15: Back to Breakfast Town, Beer and Great Gabbin', Yakkin' at the True Legends Grill

1. I got to enjoy another fine plate of morning food (shortly after noon!) in Breakfast Town -- also known as Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Christy, Everett, and I went to Le Peep and I enjoyed a skillet breakfast known as the Drifter.  It's a bunch of vegetables with mushrooms and onions fried up with Le Peep's very own peasant potatoes, held together and slightly sweetened by melted cheddar cheese, and topped with two basted eggs. The peasant potatoes were perfectly peppered and the mildness of the cheese and eggs complemented them beautifully. I left Le Peep feeling satisfied and happy, wishing I could find a parallel Breakfast Town in the Greater Greenbelt area.

2. In front of Byrdman's house, Christy and Everett and I bid one another farewell, as I had done with Mom a few hours earlier, and then Jimmy Byrd and I headed out into the mid-afternoon chill of Coeur d'Alene for some finely crafted beers at the Mad Bomber and the Daft Badger. We not only enjoyed some excellent beers -- I went for a variety of IPAs -- but we had some top-notch conversation, including sessions with Wayne, who dropped in the Mad Bomber to buy a keg for his kegerator, and some longtime friends of Byrdman's at the Daft Badger. This was a five star outing, both for the beer and the high quality conversations.

3. Byrdman and I then pickup trucked out to the True Legends Grill in Liberty Lake where we met up with Al, Jake, Stu, and Lars for dinner, wise cracks, stories, and laughs.  After dinner, Byrdman and Stu gave me a lift to the Ramada Inn at the Spokane Airport so I could get some sleep before rising early to be leavin' on a jet plane for Baltimore, MD.

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