Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/05/16: Unicorn Tears, Eggplant 911, Popcorn Dinner

1. Hiram's mom just got out of the hospital and the Diaz family is driving to Miami to see her and so I was over there a couple of times to deliver a car seat and, later, to sit with Olivia and David while they ate dinner and explain how their Nana enjoys the blueberry tears wept with joy by unicorns to put on her morning cereal. Funny.  They didn't know that when unicorns burp they bring pears into the world.

2. EMERGENCY! I went to MOM's Organic in College Park and the store did not have any eggplant! I breathed deeply, talked myself off the ledge, calmly decided not to call 911, gathered the other items on my list, and barreled back to Greenbelt to the Co-op and heaved a great sigh of relief when I saw how the produce section there was generously stocked with eggplant.

3. It's been months since the Deke and I decided to indulge ourselves and have a popcorn dinner. It was tasty and really fun. I'll get back to that eggplant tomorrow!

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