Thursday, January 28, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/27/16: Jonas Continues to Cripple the Region, Baked Ziti at the Diazes, Double Duckpin

1. The region continues to recover from winter storm Jonas. The crippling effect of piled up snow, unplowed roads, and the thaw/freeze cycle have kept the Prince George's County Public Schools closed since a week ago. The Deke has not seen her students since January 20th. We found out this evening that schools are closed again on January 28th. In our little world, things are fine.  Our roads in Greenbelt are cleared. I had no problems getting to the Co-op and the library today. We never lost our power. I'm grateful for our good fortune.

2. The Deke checked things out with Molly regarding the road conditions in the Diaz part of Montgomery County and Molly gave us the all clear.  I went to work late in the morning assembling a baked ziti casserole featuring cauliflower sauce, mushrooms, broccoli, and three kinds of cheeses. It contributed to a warm and long overdue dinner together with Molly, Hiram, Olivia, David, and Ana.

3. With the roads clear between Greenbelt and Colesville, the Deke and I decided to stop in at the Quench tap room before we drove over to the Diazes and we were so happy with the fact that Quench had Double Duckpin from Union Brewing on tap that we had a growler filled so we could enjoy it at home as well as in the bar. Again, I'm very grateful that we can enjoy such a simple luxury as carrying tasty beer home in a jug.

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