Friday, January 1, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/31/15: Cleaning Sube Carpeting, Senior Swim, *Star Wars* Surrender

1. Some of the carpeting in the Sube got really wet during a downpour last week when I put wet plastic grocery bags in the very back and the recent humid conditions kept the carpeting from drying and the poor old Sube started to smell like an old, damp basement. I got that carpeting out today, brought it into our apartment home, cleaned it with my new Bissell spot carpet cleaner, cleaned it again with Dr. Bonner Sal Suds, let it dry in front of fans for eight hours, and then put some of the citrus scented powdery stuff I've got on it and that needs to be vacuumed up.  I think I got it freshened up and ready to put back in the car.

2. I went to the Greenbelt Community Center this afternoon and signed up for Monday morning Senior Swim, a class of stretching and toning in the pool. I know I won't be leaving on any trips across the country in the next few months, so I decided I could sign up for this class and attend.

3. We had leftover soup and toasted cheese sandwiches at the Diazes today and we watched The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi.  I hadn't seen The Empire Strikes Back since team teaching with Rita when we showed it as part of our Joseph Campbell aided studies of metaphysics and I hadn't seen The Return of the Jedi since attending it on opening night in May of 1983 in a multi-plex on North Division in Spokane. I'm pretty sure Colette, Claudia, and I went together. The movies were really fun. I especially enjoyed Yoda training Luke and how the Ewoks helped fight the Imperials with all those logs and other primitive traps and I was moved again, as I was in 1983, by the unmasking of Darth Vader.  I really enjoy watching these movies uncritically. Nothing is implausible to me.  I give myself over to whatever happens, accept it without a second thought, get nervous, excited, relieved, moved and then when I go to bed I find that scenes are replaying in my mind and that this stuff got inside me, right where it belongs.

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