Saturday, January 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/15/16: Learning More about D.C., Pool Therapy, Eggplant Sandwich and Cookie/Brandy Dessert

1. I don't live in Washington, D. C., but it's nearby -- I can be in the very northernmost reaches of D. C. in less that fifteen minutes, traffic allowing. I act like I live in Washington, D. C., though -- again, today, I spent time searching for podcasts, looking at websites and blogs, reading maps, locating bookstores and places to eat and drink, searching for book titles, anything that will help me understand the geography of Washington, D. C., especially beyond the National Mall. It excites my imagination.

2. I had a therapeutic day in the swimming pool. For me, just being in motion in the water is therapeutic.   I did exercises, jogged in place, cross country skied, and ran in the pool's work out area and then I swam seven laps. I couldn't safely swim any more laps than that.

3. The Deke requested an eggplant sandwich for dinner.  I halved the ciabatta rolls, crushed garlic on each half, poured a small puddle of olive oil in the electric frying pan, put crushed garlic in the puddle, and grilled the bread.  I salted the eggplant slices, grilled 'em, grilled slices of red pepper, and cut slices of feta cheese.  I forgot to buy fresh basil for our sandwiches, but, I gotta tell ya, the eggplant, red pepper, feta combo on the grilled and garlic-ed ciabatta rolls was outa sight tasty. One bonus:  I bought one rosemary ciabatta roll, so each of our sandwiches was half regular and half rosemary. For dessert,I poured myself brandy, without ice, in a glass and dunked a Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Brownie cookie into the brandy, bite by bite -- then I poured myself a little more brandy and pulled another cookie out of the bag and did it again. Spine chills.

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