Saturday, January 23, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/22/16: Before the Storm, Brandy for the Snowastrophe, Accidental Juliet Stevenson

1. With the catablizzmic snow storm Jonas about to descend upon Greenbelt, I knew I wouldn't be getting any walking or swimming in this weekend, so I took a three mile walk -- I trudged down to Greenbelt Lake, walked the path around it, and lumbered back home again and took some pictures of what things looked like at the lake before the storm started. It was a pleasant walk.  The air was still and the sky steely and several of us Greenbelters were out strolling or running before we'd soon be shut in.  Here are a few pictures:

2.  I don't want a lot of brandy in my thermal springer spaniel glass -- enough so I know the brandy is present and then I fill the glass with boiling water and throw in some cloves and drink slowly, letting the water and the brandy warm me and this is what I do when shut in during the impending snowastrophe.

3. While I boiled a whole chicken for some yet to be determined purpose tomorrow, I watched the first episode of season 4 of Inspector Lewis and much to my surprise, who should be integral to this story? The remarkable, fierce, complex Juliet Stevenson.  That's two straight days of Juliet Stevenson and my enjoyment of her work continues to grow. Then I found a clip of her reading Shakespeare's Sonnet 116.  Sublime.

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