Sunday, January 10, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/09/16: Corgis Out for a While, The Dinner Challenge, Mom Sounds Great

1. It's much easier to do carpet cleaning and to vacuum the carpet and our furniture if Maggie and Charly are not in the house.  They get very excited barking to warn us about and protect us from the carpet cleaner and the vacuum cleaner The Deke took them out for a walk and I got busy freshening up our apartment home. I especially enjoyed doing this chore free of the chorus of frantic corgi scream barking.

2. I'm having fun asking the Deke on an almost daily basis what she imagines would taste good for dinner and then trying to make it happen.  Today she said, "I'd like curry with onions and green beans and peanuts." "Would tofu be okay?" I asked.  "Gawd, yes," The Deke replied.  So, I did it.  I combined green curry paste with oyster sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar, and coconut milk and poured it over the tofu and vegetables I stir fried in coconut oil, made a pot of rice, and it was, to quote the Deke, "Perfect."  After we finished dinner, I realized a couple of additions -- lime kaffir leaves and cilantro -- would have made the curry even better, but I often don't remember everything when I cook out of my head.

3. For Christy's birthday, Mom joined Christy and Everett and Carol, Paul, and Coco for lunch at the City Limits in Wallace and after they'd been home a while I called Mom and I learned that Mom had made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting birthday cake from scratch that would be served later. (I felt a twinge of envy!) Mom sounded great -- and she had plenty of stories to tell as well as medical updates and the latest updates regarding her television service.

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