Friday, January 29, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/28/16: Swim Cut Short, Quiet Vacuuming, Relaxing After Wins with Spirit and Rare Earth

1. The Greenbelt Aquatic Center reopened and I went down to get some aquatic exercise and no sooner did I get in the pool than a little kid threw up in the water, the pool was cleared, and after waiting about a half an hour for the clean-up to be completed, I gave up, took a shower, shopped at the Co-op, and came back home, eager to hit the pool on Friday.

2. The Deke decided to go visit Molly and I immediately responded with, "And take the dogs?" -- you see, the corgis hate all housecleaning machinery and so if the Deke took the dogs with her, I could vacuum our apartment home in peace, take my time cleaning the furniture, and even half way enjoy getting this task done.  The Deke didn't even hesitate when I said, "And take the dogs?" She knew exactly why I wanted them to be gone and so the Deke and dogs left and I freshened up the joint without Maggie and Charly scream barking, crying, whining, and howling while the vacuum cleaner was on.

3. I followed the scores online and was happy that Maryland and Oregon both won big games against Iowa and Arizona, respectively, and I poured myself a pint glass of brandy and hot water with lemon, went to You Tube, found the entire album of Spirit's Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, listened, remembered when I used to listen to this album when I lived in a rented trailer on Government Way, and then, when it was over, treated myself to a few tunes performed live by Rare Earth and remembered how much I loved their Live in Concert album and how I loved to play it and groove on the congas, flute, bass lines, vocals, and their guitarist's love of the wah-wah when I got home from putting in another shift at the Zinc Plant or needed to get pumped up for playing another American Legion baseball game.  I thought the album cover was really cool -- remember it?

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