Friday, January 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/21/16: Jonas on our Minds, Drumsticks and Green Bean Salad, An Evening of Suspense

1.  I made another trip to the store with the storm named Jonas in mind.  We now have plenty of broccoli, eggplant, chicken, rice, pasta, tomatoes, water, coffee, beer, wine, brandy, milk, cereal, and other items in store to eat and drink while the snow piles high and winds howl starting Friday afternoon, continuing through the weekend.  I know I've experienced blizzards and snowfall in Kellogg and Spokane that were as mammoth as what is predicted for here, but the impact of such weather upon an area as densely populated as where I live now boggles my mind. I'm grateful that the Deke and I can stay inside and we really hope that the region doesn't suffer power outages.

2. The other day I bought a package of fat chicken drumsticks and this afternoon I mixed garlic powder, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper into some flour, floured the drumsticks and fried them and then baked them. The Deke made a green bean, boiled potato, tomato, red onion, garlic and other seasonings salad that is out of sight. It's a great pleasure when the Deke decides to whip something up in the kitchen -- she's a wonderful cook , I love what she fixes, and I learn a lot from how she goes about preparing food.

3. I did a search of programs and movies that are a part of our Amazon Prime subscription and decided to watch a mystery, a work of fiction, entitled, The Place of Execution. It's a story that moves back and forth between the mid-1960s when a thirteen year old girl disappeared in the north of England and a young detective becomes obsessed with her case, and the present, when a documentary filmmaker, played fiercely by Juliet Stevenson, is working on a film looking back at the girl's disappearance, the work of Detective Bennett,  and the trial that resulted. I responded to the story with alternating feelings of anxiety, disgust, admiration, fear, horror, and outrage and with great respect for how beautifully acted the story was.  Then I decided to stay up pretty late and I watched an episode from Season 3 of Inspector Lewis and it was like meeting up with old friends again to watch Lewis and Hathaway and Dr. Laura Hobson at work again.

To any of you who have watched Inspector Lewis, does Clare Holman, who plays Dr. Laura Hobson, ever remind of you a bit of Judi Dench?  She does me -- and I love them both.

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