Monday, January 25, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/24/16: Up Jonas Creek Without a Shovel, "The Snow Man", Snow Stroll Pictures

1.  I felt zeal when we sold our house in Eugene and my days as the owner of a house came to an end. I was particularly happy that my days of anxiety about the lawn, the upkeep of gardens, and other household maintenance were over. I also remember being happy that in an apartment complex like the one where I now live, management sees that the walks get shoveled.

But, in my zeal, I overlooked something.

In a snowstorm, the Sube would get walled in by snow in the parking lot.

So, today, the Sube sits snowed in and on Monday, I'll go in search of a shovel -- maybe the apartment management has shovels for people (idiots) like me to borrow or maybe a fellow resident will have one I can use.

We'll see. Luckily, it's not terribly urgent -- but once I solve this problem, I'll dig out the Sube and head to a store somewhere and buy a shovel.

Maybe I can earn my Idaho Man Card back -- but, honestly, after this little fiasco, I've probably lost it forever...ha! Actually, I can think of about a dozen reasons why I lost this card long ago -- if I ever had it.


2. Christy gave me and my sisters a new Sibling Assignment. We were to choose a favorite winter poem, discuss it, and post photographs that connect with the poem.  I immediately knew that I would write about Wallace Stevens' poem, "The Snow Man" and post pictures that connected with the poem in both denotative and connotative ways.  If you'd like to read my history with this poem and my reflections upon it, just go here.

3.  I snow strolled and took post-Jonas pictures today.  Since I didn't have a shovel, I decided to make myself useful with my camera.  If you'd like to see all the Jonas pictures I've taken, I have an album posted on flickr, right here.

Out Back -- 9:30


Slow Down

Ivy Lane

1:30 Out Back 

Wiper Socks

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