Saturday, April 6, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 03/05/13: Road Trip!, Moving Portraits, George Foreman Feta

1.  Road trip!  Rita, Jane, and I piled into Rita's 4Runner and buzzed up I-5 to Edith's house where we enjoyed a stroganoff lunch with Rita's tomato, feta, paramesan, lemon juice, olive oil Greek salad, and hot cross buns and ginger snaps for dessert.  The conversation was delightful, the food was delicious, and we all were animated and happy to spend the afternoon together.

2.  I brought my laptop so that Jane and Edith could look at the portraits I took of my WR 115 students winter quarter and, along with Rita, who had seen them, they were delighted to see so many stories unfold before them in the faces of each of the students and marveled at the variety of aspects of themselves the students revealed in the multiple pictures I took of each one.  I've promised my students that I would never post their pictures online, and I won't;  so few people see these pictures.  Therefore when I can let people I trust see them, I love their responses, love how they are moved by what these students express about themselves in these pictures.

3.  The Deke and I stayed in again today for dinner and since were going to dive back into the couscous Greekish salad, with its feta cheese, I decided to pull out the George Foreman grill and fix some ground beef patties with feta cheese in the middle.  Honestly?  It was great. 

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