Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/08/13: Weeding and Whacking and Mowing, Bagels Lift Spirits, Sirloin Strips

1.  I can't get it all done in a day.  I'm not sure I can get it all done in a week.  But I just keep pulling dandelions and weed whacking the lawn so I can mow it.  It's a slow undertaking and I don't have the stamina I once did, but I keep plugging away and will keep plugging away.

2.  I gave myself a morale boost by walking to Sweet Life and bring home a couple of raisin cinnamon bagels.  I ate the first one too fast.  I should have waited so I could enjoy it the way I did the second one:  toasted with butter.

3.  I cut the slab of top sirloin into strips, cooked them, and laid them over sauteed onions, red peppers, and mushrooms.  Simple meal.  Ridiculously delicious.

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