Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/19/13: The Smooth Altima, Umatilla Sub, Radio On

1.  It works out really well to rent a car a drive it to Kellogg.  The Nissan Altima is comfortable and it drives smoothly.  I arrived in Kellogg in about nine hours, which, for me, is really good time.

2.  The half of a tuna sandwich with cheddar cheese, mustard, olives, and dill pickles on Monteray Cheddar Bread with some ice water in Umatilla gave me just the fuel I needed to finish the drive to Kellogg.

3.  Time flew as I drove, largely because I followed live radio coverage all day of the manhunt in Watertown/Boston.  The kid was taken into custody just before I arrived in Kellogg, so I had plenty to listen to all day.  The last time I listened to one thing on the radio and time flew like this was when I drove to Eugene from Kellogg while listening to the British Open, the one Tom Watson lost to Stewart Cink in 2010. 

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