Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/09/13: Cross-Campus Portrait Project, D.B. at Hop Valley, Fatigue and a Half Pint of Beer

1.  I told my WR 115 students to each pick a spot on campus where I would take their portraits for a writing assignment.  I criss-crossed the campus, meeting students at Building 1, at the sculpture in front of the Health and Wellness building, on an undeveloped road that juts off from the west campus entrance, to the woods south of campus where cougars have been seen, to the track, the shot put area, the murals on the east side of Building 4, and on and on.  It was a good work out for my legs and wind and a great workout for me and my camera.

2.  After all that huffing and puffing around campus, I met my former Kellogg Wildcat asst. basketball coach, Dale Bachman, for lunch at Hop Valley in Springfield and we talked about everything from putting on plays in Washtucna, to moving Mercedes Russell to the high post against Willamette to stories about mutual friends from Kellogg.  It was a great time.  Oh! And I found the 541 Lager the perfect refreshment after about four hours of traipsing around campus taking portraits.

3.  I was so tired I drew the line at one half pint of beer, Oakshire Stream.  Nonetheless, tired as I was, I met with the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden after their vestry meeting ended and not only did we have a fun time talking and laughing, but we had a surprise guest:  Father Bingham Powell dropped in and joined us for a few minutes -- not to have a beer -- he didn't have time -- but long enough for some good-natured ribbing and for him to wind down a bit before heading home to his family. 

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