Monday, April 15, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/14/13: Fixing Food for Church, Aunt Lila Has Died, My Lila-Filled Heart and Mind

1.  I got up bright and early this morning to fix tabouleh rice salad and onion garlic lentil soup, enough to serve twenty, for a church lunch/presentation to be given shortly after noon.  It was a lot of fun boiling and chopping and pureeing and mixing and I finished my food preparation in plenty of time to transport it to church and have it ready for people to eat (and enjoy, I might add!).

2.   While I was fixing this food, Christy called me with the news that our Aunt Lila died.  She was nearly ninety-two years old. Her death brought her full life to an end, a life full of service, of devotion to family, of bringing beauty into the world, and of  benevolence. 

3.  Lila's daughters, Lura and Judy, asked me to give the funeral service in Orofino and I will.  My mind has been filled with thoughts and memories and my heart with love.  Family members are beginning to send me their memories and reflections.  I pray we will mourn Aunt Lila and remember with happiness her goodness and loving soul.

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