Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/28/13: Dandelions and Old Leaves, The Deke's Debut at Falling Sky, Evening Cap

1.  Back to the yard.  Today was the front yard.  I pulled a ton of dandelions and grass and raked leaves out of the front strip between the sidewalk and the street.  I have filled two garden waste barrels.  Fortunately, this week is when those barrels are taken care of by the garbage company.  Things are gradually looking better.

2.  Today I got to escort the Deke on her first visit to Falling Sky.  Even though they didn't have beer she really wanted (no porter or stout; out of season?), she (and I) enjoyed the late Sunday afternoon vibe of the joint and we kicked our conversation into high gear and probed some pretty big ideas together. It was really fun.  You know.  The honesty.

3.  On our way home we had a why not moment and dropped in for a evening cap at Cornucopia.  I was happy to give Ninkasi's Pilsner a try, and I enjoyed it, and the Deke and I resumed and continued our discussion of big ideas.  It was really fun.  You know.  The honesty. 

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