Monday, April 8, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/08/13: Troxstar Summons, Father Nick!, "This is Really Good!"

1.  I thought I might get a text from the Troxstar.  I did.  It was a summons to come to Falling Sky and I tried the Upside Down Brown Ale on the cask and then switched to one of my very favorites, Wind-Up Bird Best Bitter, which tasted really good with my bowl of lamb stew. 

2.  What I didn't expect at Falling Sky was the arrival of Father Nick Parker, who had been our assisting priest at St. Mary's for several years.  Nick dropped in to check up on the Senior Warden, to make sure he was performing at a high level, and to quaff a pint with us.  I wish we'd had longer.  Nick was in good spirits, enjoying his holiday, and was getting ready to go to the coast for a few days. 

3.  The Deke had been feeling a little cooped up and hoped that after I'd had a few pints with Father Nick and Senior Warden Troxstar, I'd still be up for some relaxation at Cornucopia.  I still had a spring in my step and an eagerness to extend this relaxing Sunday, and so off we went, and the Deke said about 12,000 times, as she sipped from her glass of house red wine:  "This is just what I needed.  This is really good.  I'm so glad we came here.  I really needed to do this."  I must say.  I had a great time as well!

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