Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/10/13: Photography Project, Staying Home, Half and Half's

1.  I spent a good chunk of time today editing my students' portraits and then getting them printed.  The results are pretty good.  I mean my work was pretty good.  What the students bring to these portraits as subjects moves me, all the variety and moods and different mindsets, all the different stories waiting to be told.

2.  After running all over campus on Tuesday snapping pictures and spending today editing them and going through the slow process at Costco of printing them, and after running errands on the north side of town, I decided to stay home this evening and not go to the film festival's opening night.  I'm glad I did.  I needed the rest and the added hours of sleep.

3.  My slight case of fatigue also meant that I didn't cook dinner so the Deke and I went to Billy Mac's and sat at the bar in front of the bottled beer cooler and I saw bottles of Guiness and Harp, so I ordered a bottle of each with a glass and a spoon and poured myself half and half's.  Each one looked awesome, the golden lager topped by the darkness of the Guiness.  They were delicious and refreshing as well. 

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