Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/18/13: Writing a Eulogy, More Than Meets the Eye, Service Ready to Go

1.  My office at LCC is a quiet place and coffee is never too far away and was the perfect place to sit and write the eulogy for my Aunt Lila.  I finished a first and polished draft.  I'll look at it again over the weekend to see if it needs additions or improvements.

2.  I've assigned my WR 115 students to write about how there is more than meets the eye in the portraits I took of them.  I invited any who were willing to talk in class about what they were writing about:  fatherhood, wanting to provide medical support to the Wounded Warriors as an act of gratitude to military men and women, how being a fifty-eight year old student at LCC is another of many roads in one student's life, a new life in Eugene leaves a life in Medford behind.  I was very happy with these students' ideas and I hope their stories triggered stories and possibilities in their classmates.

3.  I finished the service for Aunt Lila.  I just need to print everything and put it in my notebook.  I might make changes, but if the service were happening tomorrow (it's happening on Monday), I'd be ready to give it. 

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