Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/27/13: Early Shopping, Kiwanda Skyline, Weeds Over Pictures

1.  Around 9 o'clock was the right time to shop for groceries at Market of Choice:  easy parking, open shopping aisles, quick check out. 

2.  I had talked with the Troxstar Friday night about how much I enjoy Kiwanda Cream Ale, so I bought him a bottle, swung by Chez Senior Warden, gave it to him, and shot the breeze for a while, listening to Nashville Skyline and a little Stranglehold.

3.  Working in our yard seriously cuts into my time taking pictures.  I had to get those weeds pulled to prepare for planting flowers in the bare spots in our back yard (and soon the front yard).  It was good work. I filled one of our Sanipac yard waste containers. But, I also did this work instead of going to Delta Ponds with Russell to take late in the day pictures.  It was a tough decision, but looking out back and seeing all those dandelions and other weeds gone feels good and inspires me to get back to it on Sunday. 

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