Saturday, April 27, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/26/13: Brails Breakfast, Relaxing with Public Radio, Evening at the Troxstar's

1.  Opened the day with a crispy on the outside, perfectly meaty on the inside chicken fried steak topped with gravy at Brails with the Senior Warden and his Mrs.  Betsy and Martin arrived!  Betsy was making her first visit to Brails!  She kind of upbraided me for never telling her about Brails.  Now she knows!

2.  After driving over 1600 miles from last Friday to Wednesday and having a busy day yesterday with school and some other stuff, I relaxed through the afternoon today and listened to a variety of talk shows on public radio.  I find CBC's "Q" pretty interesting and always enjoy Warren Olney on "To The Point".  I also thought the woman who subbed today for Diane Rehm was good as well as her panel of guests.  Listening to these shows confirmed that I was smart not to believe much that I was hearing one week ago as I drove to Kellogg and listened to the breathless up to the minute details of the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on public radio.  Much that I heard that day turned out not to be true.  When it comes to these events, I usually don't really start paying attention to what is said or written until the stories written about a month later get published.  I find the minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day stuff unreliable.

3.  The Troxstar family invited me over and as the sun slowly set,  the 'star himself and I enjoyed some perfectly refreshing Laurelwood Golden Ale out of his kegerator while listening to Jack White, Carole King, and Fairport Convention as well as a neighborhood drummer and then Marla, the First Lady of Troxstardom, grilled perfect burgers made even better by the crisp and tasty pickles she had canned. 

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