Sunday, April 7, 2013

Three Beautiful Things 04/06/13: Fifth Street Pictures, From Drain to Charlotte Amalie, Turkey Soup Surprise

1.  I had my 50 mm fixed lens on my good ole Nikon and when Russell and I strolled into Pure shortly after 11 for lunch, we found out it doesn't open until noon.  We decided to stick around the Fifth Street Market and take some pictures and wait for Pure to open so we could each have a tasty teriyaki chicken Bento special for lunch.  I started looking at small things:  rolls of ribbon, necklaces hanging outside the Swahili store, a miniature watering can, and, started looking through my camera through windows.  The 50 mm lens seemed perfect for all of this and I had a great time taking pictures at Fifth Street and was happy when Russell and I continued to take pictures there when we finished our delicious lunch.  Oh!  After lunch, I turned my attention to flowers at Rhythm and Blooms and water droplets.  

2.  At Fifth Street Market, we ran into Marcia and Gordon and Hannah and Joshua and enjoyed some animated conversation.  Hannah drifted off and, I think without her parents knowing it, went to one of those maps where visitors put push red-headed pins into the spot denoting the city they are are from.  Hannah was pulling pins out of Oregon and putting them in more exotic places.  From a distance, it looked like she was moving people, well, pins, from, say, Drain and letting them be visitors from Fuji
or maybe the Virgin Islands.  I thought what she was doing was harmless and funny so I didn't rat her out.

3.  I thought it would be fun to saute sirloin strips and serve them with sauteed onion, red pepper, and mushrooms, but the Deke found the two turkey legs I had purchased and she boiled broth and meat out of them and make a killer turkey soup. 

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