Sunday, March 2, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/01/14: Gabbing at the Fence, Donburi!, Seeing Babes Again

1.  Before Russell and I met for our Saturday lunch and picture walk, I went on a solo stroll throughout the neighborhood after shooting around our garden at home a bit.  I like this scene and was happy I got a half-way decent picture of these people gabbing at the fence:

2.  Russell and I ate a splendid lunch at Pure.  I ate a bowl of shrimp tempura donburi that was awesome, just awesome.

3.  The Deke and Laura and T. R. were on KLCC this afternoon to talk about the upcoming Babes with Axes show and to perform a couple of songs. (Katie will be in town Sunday.)   I hadn't see Laura or T. R. or Randy for a long, long time and they were with the Deke at Cosmic Pizza, winding down after the radio gig, and I swung by to pick up the Deke and it was fun to see everyone and take a little time to get caught up.  We'll be seeing a lot more of each other this week!  Ha!  I remembering back to those days back in the Deke's performing years when a show was upcoming and all that goes into it.  My job?  Stay steady.  Cook food.  Drive.  Don't be a jackass.  I got it covered. 

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