Saturday, March 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/28/14: Pictures for Mom, Great Ale @ The Growler Guys, Chinese and NCAA Hoops

1.  It's tough for Mom.  She doesn't have a computer so she doesn't see many of the things that we kids of hers photograph and she gets left out.  Today, so that she could enjoy things that happened when Molly, Olivia, and David visited the Deke and me, I sent her over 70 pictures of the children around the house, of our hike on the Sweet Creek trail, and of our playing around on Heceta Beach north of Florence. 

2.  I had enjoyed a pint of Hop Valley's Citrus Mistress Tuesday night at the Bluegrass Jam and this morning I read a review by the Pour Fool (of the Seattle P I) of Deschutes' citrusy IPA called Fresh Squeezed.  A little research and I found that Fresh Squeezed is on tap just four blocks away at The Growler Guys, so after I mailed Mom her pictures, I dropped in, loved my pint of Fresh Squeezed and then finished my visit with a tasty Belgian Sour Peach brewed by Mazama Brewing in Corvallis.  I was happy that the Growler Guys had a sour on tap.  I love ending any beer drinking session with a sour when I can.  I hope this sour hangs around for a while.  Another bonus at The Growler Guys:  Michelle, who is about my age, wasn't terribly busy and we talked about the wood products industry in Lane County and the current state of the English language and how it's taught and Dennis, a regular at this joint, joined in and so I enjoyed a couple of beers and had a good social time, as well.  

3.  When the Deke is gone, because she's not always crazy about Jade Palace, I like to order a family dinner for two and have enough Chinese food on hand for a couple days of eating.  I did this today and so I had pork fried rice, Mongolian beef, sweet and sour pork,  bbq pork, spring rolls, and Mar Far chicken on hand to eat while listening on the radio to the coverage of two splendid NCAA men's basketball games:  Louisville/Kentucky and UVA/Michigan State.  This is the good life.

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