Monday, March 3, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/02/14: Calm Church, New Belgium La Folie, Katie Arrives

1.  As is so often the case, things at St. Mary's Episcopal Church this morning were, from my perspective, calm, regular, and comforting, but challenging, too.  It was just the way I like it.  As I often do, I said to myself, "This is why I'm an Episcopalian."  It's the power of liturgical worship.

2.  I think one time a couple of years ago, Colin pulled a bottle of New Belgium La Folie off the shelf at the 16 Tons Taphouse and gave me a taste of it and I remember enjoying it, but then it left my memory.  This memory was rekindled when I found out the other day that the 16 Tons Cafe has New Belgium La Folie 2012 on tap, and today, before I shopped for groceries, I sat down and enjoyed a 10 oz pour of New Belgium La Folie 2012.  I am really enjoying sour beers a lot these days.  For me, they are like drinking wine, only they aren't was a great fifteen minutes or so of pleasure and time to reflect on things. 

3.  Now all the Babes with Axes are in town.  Katie arrived this evening, the Deke picked her up at the train station, the three of us ate a stir fry together, and Katie helped the Deke relax with a back rub:

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