Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/18/14: Enjoying My Students, Good Beer and Soup, I Enjoy Millenials

1.  I scheduled four hours in my office to return students' writing.  Many came by and I enjoyed wishing them well, giving them good news about their grades for the course, and their gratitude for a good term of reading, writing, and talking together about stuff.   When students weren't around, I went to my Twitter account and enjoyed all the pictures I found through an ongoing #streetphotography search. 

2.  Molly said she'd pick up the Deke from school and so I took advantage of the opening in my day and went to the Bier Stein and ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup and enjoyed, first, a pint of Breakside's English IPA, an easy drinking, mild IPA, and I closed out with a divine 12 oz.s of Delirium Tremens, Belgian strong ale that is about as good as it gets. 

3.  I strolled over to Whirled Pies and picked up a sausage and mushroom pizza for the Deke, Molly, and me and thoroughly enjoyed a glass of Boneyard RPM IPA while I waited for the pie, and, even more, I enjoyed the smart conversation, wittiness, and companionable spirit of the twenty-somethings who were a table over, eating some slices, drinking some beer and cider, and being great to each other before their next stop, a movie.  I wasn't a part of their conversation.  But its goodness was yet another way for me to do what I like a lot:  enjoy the company of the young.  (Are these the millennials, the young people I read malignant stuff about all the time?  My experience with them has been wonderful, both at school and at taphouses all over Eugene...)

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