Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/06/14: Free Play of the Mind, Odd Self-Portraits, Hopping Afternoon

1.  I've been teaching writing for over thirty-five years and the one principle of writing I value over everything else is the free play of the mind.  If I were king of the forest, I would make this the one and only objective for offering a writing course.  I'm hoping some of my students experienced their minds freeing up a bit this quarter; I hope every once in a while, as my students wrote, they forgot they were students writing for a WR 115 course and had moments when they just freely wrote what they were thinking.  This all ran through my mind today as I reminded my students one last time that in this course, they are free to write their truth.

2.  I am always on the lookout for ways to take odd self-portraits.  Today I arrived early at the LCC bus station and it was rainy and I thought I might be able to take some fun self-portraits with the help of the stainless steel sculpture in front of the Health and Wellness Bldg.  Here are some:

3.  My afternoon and early evening hopped.  Lunch at the Bier Stein, some beers at Sixteen Tons with Jeff, Don, Dick, Elliott, , and back home again for Thai food with three Babes with Axes, Molly, Olivia, and David.   Things were relaxed at Sixteen Tons:

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