Friday, March 21, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/20/14: Nut Milk on Oatmeal, Big Dance Tweets, IPA Revival Continues

1.   When Laura came for dinner last night, she gave us some nut milk she'd made.  It's complex.  I can't begin to recite all its tastes, but I can begin with almond and chocolate and agave.  I poured it over my morning oatmeal with a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon and loved it. 

2. Since I don't have a television, let alone a man cave, and since I didn't feel like going to a sports bar, I followed NCAA tournament games on and on twitter.  I really enjoyed the tweets as the Ducks surged past BYU and won their opening game.  Steve Tannen was especially fun and I enjoyed having our little bit of tweeting with each other.

3.  I continued my IPA revival this afternoon with the Thursday @ 3 fellas at 16 Tons.  I opened with a can of Oakshire Watershed IPA.  I surrendered to its hoppiness and then I enjoyed it.  For now, my hop fight is over.  I'm giving in.  Second, I quaffed a pint of Stone's Go to IPA.  It's a piney one -- a bit more piney than I enjoy, but in my new spirit of surrender, I got to enjoy it more and more from about the 3/4 mark to the bottom.  I wrapped up my Thursday IPA revival with a Crux Outcast, a very drinkable and pleasant IPA, leaning more toward the citrus end of the spectrum.  It left me very happy that I'm back into IPAs again, but not at the expense of other styles.  I'm just buildin' my resume! Ha!

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