Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/05/14: Morning After Breakfast, Driving to Portland, Molly and Her Children Arrive

1.   I was hungry this morning after yesterday's Fat Tuesday Belgian Blow Out and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of coffee, corned beef hash, eggs over medium, and Pugliese toast at Cornucopia. 

2.  Listening to Babes with Axes tracks from WOW!  Live Babes! made the rainy drive to Portland much more pleasant.

3.  Suddenly, from out of nowhere Molly and Olivia and David appeared near Gate C at the Portland International Airport, having safely arrived from Washington D. C. and Dallas.  We ventured out onto I-205 and I-5 and got to spend plenty of time together:  thanks to the volume of traffic, it took us three and half hours to drive from Portland to Eugene and my grandchildren were awesome. Even after a long day of flying and then this endless grind of a drive to Eugene, they were patient and didn't scream or cry or kick or act out in any way.  In fact, they were really good all day and Molly is very proud of them.

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