Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/03/14: Lager Food Prep and Beethoven, Steve at Trader Joe's, Brief Stop at Sixteen Tons

1.  Into a bowl went cold brown rice, sliced cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, chopped cilantro, garlic infused olive oil, chopped almonds, and lemon juice.  I chopped and poured and blended with the help of Hop Valley's 541 Lager and the piano sonatas of Beethoven.

2.  I dropped by Trader Joe's to check out their beer selection and who should I run into?  A student of mine from over twenty years ago whom I hadn't seen for several years, since we had coffee at Allann Brothers on Fifth Avenue.  It was Steve Griffin and we had a couple of big hugs and I found out how he's been doing and told him a bit about me.  I had thought about Steve many time since that coffee and since I had lost his cell phone number and hoped one day I would see him again and it happened today.

3.  At Sixteen Tons, I bought the Deke more of her favorite beer, Breakside Salted Carmel Stout, and I bought her and Katie a bottle of wine and decided a pour of LambicX would be nice.  And it was.

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