Monday, March 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/16/14: Beautiful Praise for the Showcase, Bon Voyage to the Troxstar, Chef Molly

1.  In a note to Sparky, a regular Showcase audience member, Spring A., gorgeously summed up the beauty of the Shakespeare Showcase:

Having experienced seasons of your "Shakespeare Showcase" as an audience, I'm much obliged to you for your devotion and commitment to bringing the students and the community at large a richer theater experience. My son, who has also been exposed to your showcases since he was ten, said, he even enjoyed watching the actor and actresses making mistakes because it showed him how cool one can still manage to be in spite of the mistakes. He was so inspired that he started reading Shakespeare sonnets at bedtime when he was ten.

Over the years, you and your students' consistent commitment to exploration of characters in plays has undoubtedly inspired students' self-discovery and brought forth their potentials. As an audience and someone who always holds high respect for great teachers, I know the impact of the experiences will go way beyond their school years. For that and much more, I'm grateful.

2.   The Troxstar is flying on Monday with Madame Troxstar and the youngest Troxlet to England and so we had a few beers together right here at home.  The Troxstar brought over the last of his Ninkasi Oktoberfest out of his kegerator and we split a bottle of Logsdon's Peche n Brett Farmhouse Ale, a scrumptious treat.

3.  Molly prepared stupendous sausage soup for us.  She has grown well beyond her Rice a Roni days in the kitchen. 

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