Monday, March 24, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/23/14: Water from a Rock, Malaise, No Brackets for Me

1.  As this morning's lector, I got to read the stirring story of the Israelites beginning to rebel against Moses because of a water shortage on the the desert, in the Wilderness of Sin.  Until, with God's help, Moses strikes his rod against a rock and water flows out, it really looks like his desert march is on the ropes.  It's a great story:  Exodus 17:1-7.

2.  The drive to the airport and the emotional let down of being home alone left me tired, on the edge of listless today.  I followed NCAA basketball games, laundered towels and sheets, ate leftovers, took care of dishes, drank a Mirror Pond Pale Ale.  I'll perk up tomorrow.  I always have a day like this early on whenever the house empties out and I'm by myself for a while.  It'll pass.

3.  I don't fill out brackets for the NCAA tournament, bet on games in any sport, or join fantasy leagues because I enjoy the games themselves too much and I enjoy having teams I'd rather see win, based on weird criteria that's personal and often eccentric, but is never based on a bracket or a bet.  So, all day today, I had rooting interests:  I was for Wichita State because I feel irrational animus toward Kentucky that goes all the way back to Adolph Rupp.  I root for Gonzaga because I loved living in Spokane, going to school and working there.  If I were a bracket guy, I'd have been rooting for Arizona.  My rooting interests are fickle, irrational, and unpredictable but I can indulge them because I don't fill out brackets, bet on games, or do any of those things.  I like it this way.

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