Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/17/14: Working on a Day Off, Street Photography, Old School Pac NW IPA

1.  I shrewdly decided to go to work this morning, even though it's a day off, as a way of making tomorrow, my last day of work until spring quarter begins, easier.  I enjoyed reading my WR 115 students' final essays.  Some did their best work and that was satisfying to see.

2.  Via Twitter, I had a very good afternoon looking at street photographers, both on video and still pictures, trying to learn more, become further inspired.

3.  As part of my IPA revival, on Saturday evening I bought one of the first Portland microbeers I ever drank (1996 or 97):  Bridgeport IPA. I think of it as an Old School Pacific Northwest IPA. It's a very mellow IPA.  It's not a hop bomb.  My palate had to adjust to drinking an IPA that didn't cause a hop explosion in my mouth, that is not aggressive, but subtle, easy to drink.  I'm liking it.  I have two left and look forward to enjoying them. 

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