Sunday, March 30, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/29/14: Sweet Life Portraits, Umbrellas, Sophie!

1.  I was sitting at a table outside the Sweet Life Patisserie, when a man asked me if I could help him buy a cup of coffee.  The coffee I had in my hand was almost full.  It was my third of the morning.  I gave it to him.  He asked me if I liked my camera and I said I did and asked him if he'd like his picture taken.  He liked that idea and here are the portraits:

2.  I walked downtown and back home and then I decided to stroll in the Whiteaker neighborhood and see if any pictures emerged down by Wandering Goat or over by Sam Bond's Garage or down at Hop Valley's tasting room or at Ninkasi's tasting room.  The one constant throughout my walk, thanks to rain showers that came and went, was people with umbrellas.  So, I took some umbrella pictures:

3.  Since I was strolling down 1st Avenue and since I had so much enjoyed a pint of Citrus Mistress on Tuesday evening, I decided to duck out the rain showers and enjoy another pint of this fine IPA.  My pleasure was increased greatly when Sophie, one of my very favorite WR 115 students, turned out to be waiting tables.  She stopped me and we had some wonderful conversation and I enjoyed having the memories of how much I enjoyed her in class come back to life again. 

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