Saturday, March 8, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/07/14: Sunshine Pictures, Grandchildren in the House, Babes with Axes Evening

1.  Sunshine this morning gave the opportunity to take some pictures of light and shadow around the house.  Here's one:

2.  With our grandchildren, Olivia and David, here, I can take pictures of them.  Here they are playing with their IPad:

3.  Good day for the Babes with Axes.  It was fun listening to them on KRVM-FM and Debbie and Katie and Molly and I had a good time gabbing until shortly after midnight when Debbie and Katie returned home after they had some dinner and ran Babe with Axes-themed errands. Walker T. Ryan dropped by so he and Katie could go to Sweet Life.  Things are in place for a good day and a good show tomorrow.  Anticipation builds. 

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