Sunday, March 16, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 03/15/14: Crackling with Energy, Building a Show, Joy and Hugs and Mirth at the Shakespeare Showcase

1.  The house crackled with energy this morning.  Chris and Melissa and Helena came over for a visit.  Helena, Olivia, and David were excited to see each other and had a lot of fun being little kids laughing and prancing and doing stuff kids do. Excellent adult talk took place, as well.  It was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves so much. 

2.  I love contributing to a show coming together and was all smiles this afternoon as I provided narration during the dress/tech rehearsal for the Shakespeare Showcase.  The actors continued to improve their scenes and a I could feel their confidence building, especially as they played under the lights in makeup and in full costume. 

3.  The hard work paid off for the actors and the tech crew.  The Shakespeare Showcase was a terrific show.  Here's what I love to see:  the inexperienced actors giving it their all.  Yes, some of the acting is raw.  Some scenes are unpolished.  Many of the actors are performing live for the first time.  I love that.  The audience loved the show.  Afterwards, as actors and audience mingled in the Blue Door Theater, laughter, joy, hugs, handshakes, smiles, appreciation, goodwill, love, excitement, and mirth filled the room.  I loved narrating this show and being a part of this term's end Shakespeare Showcase which Sparky and I got underway back in the fall of 1991. 

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