Monday, November 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/05/14: Way Early, Laptop Left Behind, It All Worked Out West

1.  I am overly cautious.  I admit it.  Today I left our apartment home way (way) early and everything worked out.  I not only rode the correct bus to the Greenbelt Station, but I boarded the correct bus to BWI airport and everything went smoothly as far as getting checked in, getting through security, and ordering a tuna sandwich at Subway.

2.  There was one slight glitch.  When it came time to take my laptop out of my computer bag, I suddenly discovered I left it behind, in our apartment home.  I laughed at myself while shaking my head, knowing it figured, and strode forward through security with confidence that the Deke would ship my computer to me in Kellogg.

3.  Everything clicked in Seattle -- I managed to order a short Pike at Starbucks and boarded the airport train to the correct gate and flew to Spokane where sister Carol was waiting for me in the cell phone parking lot.  I sure enjoy it when everything works out.

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