Saturday, November 22, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/21/14: Thanks to Yoke's Pharm, Merry Times at Noah's, Travel Dreams

1.  The staff at Yoke's Pharmacy worked hard to fill my prescription, going the extra mile to do what I could have (or should have) done by calling Dr. Zachem in Eugene for permission to refill my medicine.  I didn't realize the order was expired and now I'll be sure to contact my doctor in Laurel before having a refill done again.  It might seem like a small thing that the pharmacist made this call for me.  All the same, I appreciated her efforts a lot.

2.  I had to wonder, while seated at the bar at Noah's Canteen with Ed, if working at Dave Smith Motors drives people to drink.  Quite a few employees were drinking hard and laughing it up.  One guy even brought his own mix:  he sat with a two liter bottle of Squirt in front of him and paid for his vodka and mixed his own drinks.  As we left Noah's, Ed and I agreed that it was fun to see Noah's Canteen so busy and to see so many people having so much fun.

3.  Across the crowded room, Ed and I saw Buff and Cathy come into Noah's Canteen and we went over to their table and joined them for couple more drinks and it was fun listening to Buff and Ed talk about their travels, whether to NoVa, Mexico, NYC, or New Zealand -- they got me thinking about whether the Deke and I might travel to somewhere cooler this summer when Maryland is blanketed by the annual duvet of heat and humidity.

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