Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/04/14: Picking Up the Deke, Sparky Called!, Excellent Dinner

1.  The Deke had a solid weekend visit with Molly and family and I had an easy drive to Groveton to pick her and the corgis up and we had a pleasant, easy drive back to Greenbelt.  It was really good to be back together and heart warming to know her visit had been so good.

2.  Sparky called and we talked over some things related to the December 6th Shakespeare Showcase being given at the Wildish Theater in Springfield.  Some uncertainty underlies this show.  It's the first Showcase away from LCC and so logistics and rehearsal and support is all pretty different -- and it's exciting and I loved being back talking with Sparky about this next venture.  It's hard to believe that this all started in December of 1991 in the basement of the Center building so many years ago and that Sparky and I are still working together.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to get back to Eugene after this one to help out again, but I'm sure happy it's working out this time.

3.  I won't be cooking for the Deke and me again until some time in 2015, and I had fun putting together a tofu mushroom stroganoff over egg noodles and it made me very happy that the Deke enjoyed it a lot and has two containers of leftovers to boot.

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