Thursday, November 20, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/19/14: Contact with Zelmo, The YMCA and Albi Sinks, Fixing a Linguine Dinner

1.  We have made contact.  Abby took a flyer today and shot Ed "Zelmo Beatty" Bailey an email and got an email back.  I haven't seen Zelmo since about 197? and so it was awesome to read his reply to Abby and find out what's going on in his life these days.  Abby and I are planning a call to Zelmo in Maui, with the speaker phone on, and see what more we can learn about the big guy.

2.  On my daily walk through town today I saved Mom more money by walking to Avista and Wells Fargo to pay bills for her.  I also strolled over to E. Portland and walked by the house we lived in until 1962 before we moved to the house I'm sitting in right now.  Earlier on my walk, it was all I could do not to walk up the steps of the former YMCA, past a Bud Lite bottle with foam frozen on the spout, and buzz in and play some basketball with Chub and Red Taylor or maybe get in some ping pong with local champ Tommy Hansen.  Two steps later, I nearly walked up the stairs of the Bunker Hill Employment Office to see of Albi Sinks (a.k.a. Alibi Stinks) could squeeze me into an opening back at the Zinc Plant Cell Room again.

3.  I continued my recent kitchen takeover and cooked up some linguine with a tomato and shrimp sauce, all in preparation for dinner with Paul, Carol, and Molly.  I was happy that everyone thought the meal was good.  I am starting to gain confidence that I can do a good job in Mom's kitchen, but I'm not getting cocky, that's for sure.

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