Thursday, November 27, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/26/14: Mom at Peace, Jimmy John's Initiation, Go Zags!

1.  The garbage collectors came before 10:00 and I put the garbage can back in the garage.  The mail was delivered at 10:30.  Once these events transpired, Mom was at peace.  We could hit the road and headed out to the greater Kettle Falls metro-rural area to spend Thanksgiving at Christy's.

2.  After picking up Christy's Christmas cards at Staples at Spokane's Northpointe Plaza on Highway 2, I had the honor of introducing Mom to Jimmy John's where we each devoured a Vito, a gourmet (ahem) salami sandwich that wan't too bad -- once we got about 100 little packets of yellow mustard and gave the salami and provolone and lettuce and onions and vinaigrette a welcome taste boost.

3.  Mom and I arrived at Christy's on the shores of Lake Roosevelt and, after enjoying a cold crisp stubbie bottle of Full Sail's Session Lager, I mixed Christy and Mom an old-fashioned and soon we sat down to a warming and delicious taco soup dinner and settled in to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs defeat the Georgia Bulldogs.  Go Zags!

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