Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/16/14: Wheat Berries and Whipped Cream, Investigation Discovery Overload, Not After Me

1.  I discovered the other day that Mom bought about a half a ton of wheat berries at Pilgrim's a few months ago and I volunteered to prepare some for breakfast.  Mom said, "No.  I want mine with whipping cream and we don't have any."  Now that I'm in my sixties, I understand that what Mom really said was, "Will you please go to the store and pick up some whipping cream so we can have wheat berries?"  So, I volunteered to stroll down to Stein's and pick up some whipping cream and returned, cooked up the wheat berries, and Mom enjoyed them, much like she had enjoyed similar breakfasts as a child, always with whipping cream.

2.  I discovered that the new lineup of Sudden Link basic cable channels includes a channel called Investigation Discovery and it's one documentary crime story after another.  Today I watched a couple of 48 Hours reruns and a piece driven by the investigative work of Paula Zahn.  Then I had to take a break -- like a long break -- the police work is interesting, but the crimes are so awful that I can only watch so much and then I have to watch something less violent -- like Sunday Night NFL football.

3.  I announced this to Carol and Mom and now I will announce it to anyone who reads this blog: when I die, if anyone says they'd like to name a bridge, road, highway, beltline, beltway, parkway, boulevard, street, avenue, freeway, turnpike, lane, pikeway or any thing else vehicles use to get from one place to another after me (Ha!), please stop them.  I don't get why it is considered an honor to have streets, boulevards, avenues, etc. named after people and I want no part of it!

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