Monday, November 3, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/02/14: Warm Morning at Holy Cross, Delivering Boxes, The Vacuum Cleaner Works

1.  Since I'm going to Kellogg Wednesday, this morning was my last chance to see Rev. Betsy Tesi for a while and to worship at Holy Cross.  It was a splendid morning.  Betsy gave a very stimulating, and at times very funny, sermon on Christmas shopping, Sunday brunches, All Saints' Day, the Sermon on the Mount, and the joy of baptism and living in the presence of God.  After the service, a Holy Cross member sat next to me and we had a wonderful visit and the same thing happened with a two other Holy Cross members in the fellowship hall.  I could tell, from the first time I attended Holy Cross, that I felt welcomed there and never more so than this morning.

2.  Betsy and Martin are moving out of their apartment soon and I took boxes with me this morning and followed Betsy over to her apartment to drop off them off.

3.  I'm lousy at putting things together, but I breathed slowly, settled my nerves down, took all the parts out of the box, carefully examined the illustrations, and succeeded, yes, succeeded in putting together our new vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the living room and hall carpet and, to top things off, figured out how to use the pet hair attachment and vacuumed the furniture.  I was temped to take a nap I was so relieved, but, to get ready to assemble the vacuum cleaner, I'd already taken a nap to escape my anxiety, so fixed myself mushroom soup from scratch instead and settled into the evening.

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