Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 11/25/14: Corrine at the 1313, Saving More Money, Wells Fargo Saga

1.  Back in the car.  Mom and I drove up to the high school and picked up Carol and the three of us buzzed up to Wallace and the 1313 Club, Historic Saloon and Grill, to have lunch with a family friend I've known my entire life, Corrine Turnbow.  It was lovely to see Corrine, to see how she's doing since she lost her husband, Gerry back in June, and to listen to her and Mom reminisce.

2.  Having scoured the ads and clipped coupons, Mom was ready to save more money, so we went to Stein's Family Foods and Yoke's Fresh Market and it was fun seeing Mary Pierce and finding out that Kenton's mom Amy thought I was cute while I was growing up and then seeing Abby at Stein's and debriefing the Saturday gathering of the Hall of Fame of Great Guys.  Saving all that money was fun, too.

3.  Over the weekend, Mom wrote me a check and today I took it up to the uptown Kellogg Wells Fargo Branch to cash it.  To complete this transaction, it took three employees, my driver's license, my passport, light interrogation, and nearly fifteen minutes of waiting while Wells Fargo, I guess, ran background checks, which seemed to include checking my credit rating, college grade point average, and batting average when I played for the Kellogg-Wallace Miners.  BUT, when employee number two (I think she might have been the branch manager) saw that my name was on Mom's bank account (a fact I had forgotten), the waters of the Wells Fargo Red Sea parted and she sent me down to the first teller I began with, who had just been handed the day's transactions from Stein's Family Foods and couldn't help me, so, while I waited, another teller suddenly appeared and she, after a few more questions, gave me the cash.

It was a relief.

Now I could jet down to the liquor store and complete the booze orders both Mom and Christy had given me.

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